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Strictly Accounting CPA Offers a Wide Variety of Accounting & General Ledger Services in Stamford, CT

Strictly Accounting CPA is a accounting and tax firm located in Stamford, Connecticut. Our firm offers family income tax preparation, business tax and accounting services including financial reporting and QuickBooks services. At Strictly Accounting CPA, you can receive personalized attention from an experienced CPA and a trained staff that are dedicated to meeting your unique financial needs.

Tax & Accounting Services to Individuals & Business

Strictly Accounting CPA provides clients with accounting and tax preparation services, including your general ledger needs. We will work in your accounting system to strengthen and hone in inefficiencies and help you work better and keep things focused.  Our CPA and trained staff, combined with up-to-date technologies, provide assurance that your accounting needs are being met effectively and efficiently. We are also QuickBooks ProAdvisors and can service all your QuickBooks needs.  We can keep you on the QB Desktop with our hosting software, and service QB online as needed.

Highly Trained Staff Using Up-to-Date Technologies

BILL PAY USA – Business Office Resource

Bill Pay USA provides an comprehensive office management and accounting service primarily helping with accounts payable and payment solution.  Additional services are custom tailored such as accounting, tax preparation and Accounts Receivable support, for example.  We go beyond historical bookkeeping to provide an active real time service to help you run your business.  It also includes streamlined reporting, financial analysis and budgets.  Providing real time access for management and staff. Bill Pay USA is has shown effective for long term synergy with your growing business operations.


Implement plan to separate purchase & payment responsibilities & approvals.

Work with managers and owners for timely payment of goods and services.

Achieve effective use of your staff and freeing them from things they are not proficient.

Real-time QuickBooks remote web workplace using Microsoft portal over the internet.

Focus on operations, selling, marketing, while Bill Pay USA provides training and advice along the way.

Use resources efficiently and cut onsite costs while maximizing your time.

Generate financial reports & development of a long term cash budget for business success.

Access to technical resources and accounting upgrades.

When You Need Stamford, CT Accounting and Tax Services, Contact Strictly Accounting

When you require accounting services that meet the highest professional standards, consult with Strictly Accounting CPA. Located in the center of Stamford, CT just south of Lord and Taylor’s on Long Ridge Road, Strictly Accounting CPA can service your accounting needs throughout the metro area.

Call Dave Devin, CPA and Strictly Accounting to learn more about how these services can help your organization.

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