Calm before the storm

Its that time of year when in another few weeks you should begin to receive your tax documents. You can already start a folder with your charitable deductions, home and automobile property tax reports and other one time items such as buying and selling a house, savings bonds and such.

If you have receipts for work that have not been reimbursed it may be a good time to tally up all those applications and renewals, meals and entertainment and such. Whenever possible write who you are meeting with and the business purpose on the back of each receipt. The residential energy credit has not been renewed for 2014 tax year but you can still get a sales tax exemption on energy star windows and doors.

Keeping good income tax records will keep things timely and avoid the rush and increase your chances for success in 2015 tax planning. Any estimated payments for 2014 should still be made by January 15, 2015.

Confusing IRS Codes and Terrifying Tax Terms

Anyone in Stamford who has ever tried to do more than fill out a 1040EZ form has quickly realized the value of professional accounting and tax services. Whether you are attempting to prepare taxes for your business or your personal income tax return, United States tax code has never been more confusing, and the chance for error never more prevalent. Whether by turning to online resources or by visiting professional accounting and tax services, more and more people are throwing in the towel and getting outside assistance with tax returns.

And, visiting a professional accountant or tax service actually can make good financial sense. Someone with experience in accounting or who is able to keep up with changing tax laws has a much better chance of minimizing your tax burden and of helping you to find allowable deductions than you would most likely be able to do on your own. What’s more, your Stamford accounting and tax services professionals will understand how to obtain those savings within the confines of tax law.

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