BillPay USA

Business and Accounting Controller’s Office

Bill Pay USA provides maintenance your business back office and works with your organization to keep things running smoothly, in addition to tax preparation and financial reporting. The service provides a separation of responsibility for authorization of disbursements and payments processing. While it doesn’t hurt to help keep your staff focused outside of the accounting department, there are many other benefits and a few other services as well.

We work with managers and owners to pay ordered and approved goods and services
Includes accounting, tax preparation, and financial statements
More effective use of policies and procedures to keep staff focused on operations and production. Training on customer cycle invoicing, receipts and deposits
Focus on customers and revenue generation and gain synergy between bookkeeping and accounting
Utilize various skill sets at an economical value
QuickBooks Desktop using the Microsoft remote web workplace on the internet
Stay organized and focused on operations and marketing while increasing financial compliance
Your Company benefits by:

Saving time and equipment costs
Reducing business risk and create efficiency
Real time Cash Disbursement List for upper management.
Technical Consultant, archiving documents and budgeting
Having your bills paid with no hassles
Redeploying your personnel to more profitable tasks
Better access to financial reports and real time cash balances from and experienced CPA firm.

If you need a customized service not shown here, please ask us. Great references!

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