Application Server

Cloud Computing Overview

Cloud computing has come a long way over the past five to ten years and continues to grow in both offerings and popularity. Strictly Accounting is not a commercial host and we do not charge by user or bandwidth. Rather it’s been set up to enhance our accounting offering and provide a simple and seamless avenue for us to work together with you on your accounting system. We are able to access your books locally and you are accessing the same through your internet connections using the desktop software you have always used. For now our application server is limited to QuickBooks clients.

Business and Accountant’s Office

Our QuickBooks desktop web resource provides services to both accounting clients which have needs on a monthly basis to annual clients who simply like to leave the file on the server for convenience and tax return prep. We can issue you a Microsoft remote desktop license for you or multiple ones for multi user applications. Our most popular Bill Pay USA business office services are ideal for maintaining the customer cycle such as invoicing, receiving payments and making deposits while we assist with other cycles such as payroll, cash disbursements, accounting and financial statements. With the knowledge that you have resources in place and a steady system of continuous improvement you can be sure to stay on top of your business model and be on a path for success and bottom line results.

Additional Benefits

Providing collaboration in your accounting system will keep cost down. In addition to providing the hosting services at no additional charge to your accounting account there are other benefits that keep the process rolling.

  • Anytime anywhere on demand self service
  • Always available from trusted devices
  • Single sign on
  • Data automatically backed up
  • QuickBooks Company files stored safely and the company retains ownership of the file
  • Ease of use and customization over the online QuickBooks system
  • Eliminate distance barriers.
  • Technical support & training; shadow or multi user from conference call
  • Consistent and improved Server 2012 platform supported by Microsoft