From Steve Muscat, individual client:

“David Devin is an excellent accountant and personal friend. I did receive a wonderful refund last year. He is very organized, detailed and meticulous. I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone.”


From: LG Painting, Ludwin:

“Dave Devin is an honest accountant and he also did a great job for our company. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I will continue to do so in the future.”


From Hazel Tree, LLC: Martin Behm

“This is my third year working with Dave, I am very satisfied with his work. I would never consider going anywhere else.”


From Thomas Jacobs, individual client:

“For the past 10 years Dave has been my accountant. He is extremely professional and reliable. His work is above board and he does his due diligence when working with the IRS.”


From Gregg Bello, individual client:

“Dave is meticulous, efficient in nature, honest and hard working. He gets the job done!”


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