Business Office – Accounts Payable, Receivable & Bill Pay Services

Accounts Payable

Managing cash disbursements is a vital task in the steps of making sure to manage the most important asset in your business. Not only would you like to know how much is owed but how much there currently is on hand. You would like to be able to verify the accuracy of disbursements which can be provided via a cash general ledger showing the different payments. Thus this may be equally as vital as taking care of the customer side of the business.

Having a firm that is proactively managing your cash accounts and making disbursements creates synergy with your accounting. There is a lot to be said for getting it right the first time and taking care of business when the opportunity is present. By hiring our firm to provide this business office outsource we are able to give you a blended rate that is lower than our standard accounting rates.

We invoice for this service as a set monthly rate. As an agreed up on rate we operate in a corridor of hours and then evaluate periodically for balance. It’s likely there will be a transition period which may includes onetime fees as your rejuvenated and honed systems, become effective.

Accounts Receivable

The customer cycle is usually best managed by operations personnel who know their clients is our primary recommendation. Thus we assist with questions, issues, set-up and training yet depending on the size and type of the invoicing system can provide that as a service as well.

We help oversee the day to day essentials of creating effective invoices and record the subsequent cash collections properly. And gain confidence in your billing system by making sure you have properly set up items for sale and invoicing templates or adding a logo. We also help clean up your reporting in this area while making recommendations to write off uncollectible accounts and check for consistency. Every business has slightly different needs yet taking on a customer deposit has special considerations.

As we get to know your company we build synergy from the day to day operation to long term success, and are willing to help make sure your operation is running smoothly.


Computers will be vital to your operation and used as a communication tool. Having systems in place that give your staff confidence in their job function is a basic necessity nowadays. Having someone that can make recommendations and provide assistance adds value to you’re the services you are receiving. From networking to workstations, anti-virus and email we have helped many clients over the years.


All QuickBooks reports are available online and can be printed or emailed. We support QuickBooks 2014 2015 and 2016 and retain a three year life cycle. Using our hosted set up keeps things running smoothly between our offices. One of the key benefits is not only access to reports but the accuracy of the reports.

Business Planning & Up to date records for tax and verification purposes

With all these tools we have a solid foundation for business planning. The best business plans will look not only at expected income but also your cash budget for at least the upcoming year and any proposed changes. Using an accrual based net income we will add back or remove non-cash items and review expected investments in equipment and other sources of cash such as owner equity and loan financing or repayment. The external accountant will be pleased with the strength of the accounting system in providing their services and ease of access to documents and records.

We hold onto your records and return them periodically boxed and organized in folders for your permanent storage and provide recommended destruction dates or permanent files.
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